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About the Show

Dr Giggles and Mr Six entertain and inform.
All about Amusement Park news, Events and upcoming Developments


‘The Grove’ is a biweekly live webcast, that airs on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9PM (eastern time).  The show runs Primarily from March-October, and occasionally one or more of the live broadcasts may be preempted due to event participation or other scheduling conflict.  In these instances, notification may be posted to inform the viewing audience.

The show covers news and developments from the amusement industry as well as specific parks.
A segment of the show covers events at parks around the country/world, as well as reviews and discussions about the events. Most of the regular viewers are avid amusement park enthusiasts, coaster enthusiasts, and many are members of national/international enthusiast organizations.
We strive to keep in direct contact with many of these organizations as well as individual parks and associations related to the amusement industry. They all have been very receptive, and even excited,about the show.

The show is not affiliated with any specific organization or entity, although we reserve the right to exclude (content from) individuals an or organizations that may have malicious or discordant views of the industry. There are no ‘sponsors’ and it is enthusiast driven and supported.

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